Trail Log: 11-18-2017

  • Trail: Stacy Creek
  • Miles: 4.22
  • Riders: Self – Jon
  • Horses: Jack – J’Lo
  • Dogs: Hank – Shade

Notes: A quick ride up Mann Creek to check on the Stacy Creek trail head. The water crossing was unsafe for equestrians. Our IMO team wants to put an IMO on up there this coming summer so we had the Back country Horseman  go in and fix the section of trail leading into the creek. It might wash out in the spring – but it’s a start.

Thanks “forgiving”

Thanks Forgiving

This isn’t exactly your typical Thanksgiving story. I woke the other night from a recurring anxiety dream I’ve had since I was a little kid. It concerned the mother of a childhood friend. I immediately woke up sobbing in a cold sweat and hammered this out at the keyboard. I did not pull any punches – pardon the offensive language and don’t read this unless you are in a rather dark mood. I debated posting it at all and only decided to in hopes it will end the dreams.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent from the evil.

Thanks Forgiving


Hiking Log: 11-12-2017

  • Trail: Succor Creek – Sage Creek to “The Twin P’s”
  • Miles: 2.07
  • 1.4 mph ave.
  • 2.9 mph max
  • Hikers: Self
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank

Notes: Unable to ride due to Jack being injured – we went on a hike above camp. Hiked up to and above “The Twin P’s. Saw a ton of chuckar – brought back memories of hunting up there when Spud was alive. Great hike – beautiful weekend just being a hermit.

Hiking Log: 11-11-2017

I’ve added a new category to log hiking miles in hopes it will encourage me to get out of the saddle and hike more. Before I started riding, I hiked a lot. I want to get back into shape before it’s too late.

  • Trail: Succor Creek – Sage Creek camp ground to “Gargoyle Rock”
  • Miles: 2.37
  • 1.8 mph ave.
  • 3.0 mph max.
  • Hikers: Self
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank

Notes: First entry in my “Hiking log” category. The dogs and I hiked up to a peak I now call “Gargoyle Rock.” The day after our hike I was glassing the area with my super-duper bino’s my dad got me and saw this HUGE creature on top the peak over a mile away. it was HUGE. I first thought it was a cougar – then maybe a large coyote – finally it moved enough it appeared to be a large bird (Eagle or turkey vulture). I have a good zoom on my camera. Snapped a shot of it and blew it up on my computer when I got home. Could be a large bald eagle-although it’s head, from what I could see – wasn’t white. A turkey vulture is big – but not that big according to Google. It was a good 3′ tall sitting up there. I’ve determined it was a gargoyle.

Trail Log: 11-11-2017

  • Trail: Succor Creek – Sage Creek camp
  • Miles: 1.62
  • Riders: Self
  • Horses: J’Lo – Jack
  • Dogs: Shade and Hank

Notes: Spent the weekend getting my hermit on. Jack had apparently gotten caught up in the fence and injured his back legs. We couldn’t ride much. I rode J’Lo and ponied Jack. It hurt him to put a lot of weight on his back end – stepping up or backing (like out of th trailer) bothered him. We took it slow and stayed on level ground for the most part.  I brought along my vet box. Spending the weekend in the desert and soaking his legs in cold Succor Creek really seemed to help. The swelling is all but gone and he’s running around like usual. Thank GOD and Succor Creek.

Trail Log: 10-22-2017

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail – Presley Bridge to Midvale
  • Miles: 20.82
  • Ave. mph: 3.3
  • Max speed: 14.4
  • Time: 6 hrs. 12 min
  • Stop time: 12 min
  • Riders: Self – Ralph
  • Horses: Jack – Rosie the mule
  • Dogs: Hank – Sage

Notes: I’ve been wanting to ride from Weiser to Midvale on the WRT  and have lunch at the Country Cabin. Sharon dropped us off at Presley bridge and Ralph and I rode 21 miles into Midvale only to find the Cabin closed at 3:00pm. I guess I’ll have to d it again. And leave earlier.


Trail Log: 10-17-2017

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail
  • Miles: 8.96
  • Ave mph: 9.4
  • Max Speed: 16.0 mpg
  • Riders: Self – Blake
  • Horses: Jack – J’Lo – Belle Starr
  • Dogs: Hank and Remmi – Shade stayed at the trailer and went for a shorter ride.

Trail Log: 10-7-2017 to 10-8-2017

  • Trail: Succor Creek – Power Line Loop
  • Miles: 25
  • Riders: Self – Ralph – Henry – Erica – Matt – Timmy
  • Horses: Jack – J’Lo – Rosie – Liza – Scarlet – Nevada – Joe
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank – Gee – Sage

Notes: Combining two days in to one log. My intent was to spend the first few days of my vacation getting my inner hermit on.  Things changed when I lost my GPS the first day.  Spent four days searching for it. It should not be that hard to spot so we assume somebody picked it up right away. There was a lot of traffic out there with hunting season and all. I have a hard time letting go,  apparently. If it weren’t for needing to come back and get my place ready for my annual play-day, I’d still be out looking. I went back on horseback – foot and four-wheeler. It’s just not out there.

Trail Log: 9-30-2017

  • Trail: IMO – Poison Creek – Owyhee Desert
  • Miles: 15.81
  • Ave mph: 3.9
  • Max mph: 14.6
  • Riders: Self – Jones – Dusty (Circle 4 Team)
  • Horses: Jack – Honor – Zeke
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank – Dealer – Savannah – Stayed in camp

Notes:  Last IMO ride of the year. The weather started out a little turbulent – some rain, hail and some say a little snow but we missed the snow part. By the end of the ride the weather was beautiful. We ran the course backwards – not entirely intentional to begin with – missed marker #2 and bypassed #5 before we realized we were headed to #4. When we realized what we did we went with it – picked up #3 – back to #2 and ended with #5. Found all our markers in 4 hours and 37 minutes. Dusty is recovering from open heart surgery and I’m still learning to read a topo map. By next year – we should be the team to beat!

Trail Log: 9-24-2017

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail – Presley to Train Landing beyond Big Trestle
  • Miles: 16.24
  • Ave mph: 3.4
  • Max mph: 12.1
  • Riders: Self – Patty D.
  • Horses: Jack and Swindler
  • Dogs: No dogs – too far and too fast

Notes: Long trotted to Big Trestle in search of Beanee Weenee can I left there two years ago. Alas – it was gone. I’m thinking a hungry hobo ate it. Saw a lot of Canadian geese and discovered they cross breed with Snow geese and domestic geese creating a cool looking hybrid. Learn something new every day. Oh – and killed one rattle snake. It was striking at my horse but wasn’t buzzing as a warning. Kind of weird. It wasn’t big enough for my saddle so buried it’s head and gave it a proper funeral.


Patty looking for the BW can

Not all who wander are lost….