Trail Date: 3-20-2016



  • Trail: Diamond Basin – Owyhee’s – Toward Silver City, Idaho
  • Miles: 10.47
  • Moving time: 3.29
  • 3.0 mph ave
  • 10.5 mph max speed
  • Riders: Self – Dillon James S. – SBBCH and public
  • Horses: Jack and J’Lo

Diamond Basin_3-20-2016


Mike’s Custom Footwear

Mike’s Custom Footwear

I don’t normally write reviews. With that said – when a business or service goes above and beyond I feel compelled. Such is with Mike’s Custom Footwear in Ontario Oregon.

Over the years I’ve taken my boots, both riding and hiking, to Mike for repair. “Can you do something with these? They are my favorite hiking boots. They don’t make them anymore. It doesn’t have to be pretty – just give me a few more years with my favorite old standby’s and I’ll be happy.” The kid behind the counter smiles and says, “Sure. I’ll see what we can do.” 2 hours later I pick up a fully functional and stitched hiking boot that will last at least another 20 years.

Uh oh...
Uh oh…

A couple of weekends ago my horse threw an Easy Boot glove on the Weiser River Trail. Luckily I found it. They are not cheap. The total boot will put you back $62.00. The gator alone comes with a $27.00 price tag. The gator had separated from the hoof boot. There was no damage beyond the stitching. It would cost me $27.00 to replace it and at least a week, maybe two, without them. I had a ride in two days that would require the boots. I pondered how I could fix them myself. I could try super glue – but I doubt that would hold. I wished I had a heavy duty sewing machine. That’s when it hit me: A boots a boot! What’s the difference if it’s human or equine!

I took both boots to Mike so he could see how they are designed. I sat them on the counter. Mike asked how he could help. I said, “Well, I’m really hoping you can be my hero for the day. Can you fix these?” He didn’t hesitate or question the fact that I’d just handing him an Easy Boot glove for horses. “Absolutely,” he said with a smile. “And I bet you’re going to want these back pronto?” I said I’d be happy if he could fix them at all. “Come back in 30 minutes,” he said.

Thirty minutes later Mike handed across the counter a perfectly repaired and likely better than new Easy Boot glove for the sum of $5.00. Five bucks…that’s it. Triple stitched and better than the original. My Hero.

  • Cowboy boot repair: $8:00
  • Hiking boot repair: $8:00
  • Easy boot repair: $5:00
  • Customer Service: Priceless

Mike’s Custom Footwear – Facebook Page








Trail Date: 03-04-2016

Paddock Reservoir
Paddock Reservoir







  • Trail: Little Willow to Paddock Reservoir
  • Miles: 6.67
  • Riders: Self – Janine T. Andrea S.
  • Horses/mules: Jack and J’Lo – Kiger and Bubba (the mule) – Rocky


Trail Date: 02-26-2016

Moore's Hollow
Moore’s Hollow






  • Trail: Moore’s Hollow Loop
  • Miles: 17.70
  • Hours on the trail: 5.5
  • Riders: Self and Lou Ann G.
  • Horses: Jack and Hunter
  • Notes: I only got us lost for 2 miles. I’m improving. The highlighted yellow is our “unplanned detour.”




Trail Date: 02-21-2016

Celebration Park
  • Trail: Celebration Park to Swan Falls
  • Miles: 13
  • Riders: SBBCH group ride
  • Horses: J’Lo – Rocky
  • Note: Linda E. and I broke off from the group and continued on down the trail to Swan Falls.
Linda, Rock - Me, J'Lo
Linda, Rocky – Me, J’Lo

Trail Date: 02-17-2016

Cow Camp
Cow Camp
  • Trail: Fisherman Loop – Succor Creek/Owyhee desert
  • Miles: 8.2
  • Riders: Self and Janine T.
  • Horses: Jack and Kiger


Trail date:02-13-2016

Weiser River Trail

J'Lo and Jack
J’Lo and Jack
  • Date: 02-13-2016
  • Trail: Weiser River Trail
  • Miles: 16
  • Riders: Solo
  • Horses: Jack and J’Lo


Trail Date: 01-03-2016

I decided to start a trail log of the miles, places and various meta-data of my miles in the saddle for 2016. Later I will figure out how to prevent you from  being notified of every trail log entry. In the meantime – please bare (bear) with me.

1-3-2016 Succor Creek Canyon
1-3-2016 Succor Creek Canyon

Date: January 3rd – 2016

  • Place: Succor Creek Canyon
  • Riders: Self and Tammy
  • Horses: J’Lo  and Jack
  • Miles: 10
  • Hours on the trail: 8