Gunpowder, Pendleton and Poop.

Gunpowder, Pendleton and Poop.

wy_cropI sat hunched over the reloading bench meticulously seating Circle Fly wads into brass loaded with canon grade powder and .45 magnum pistol primers. Reloading is to me what I assume knitting is for the crafty: relaxing. My mind is freed from the swirling cyclone of troubling current events and day to day fodder that clutters the human existence.

A repetitive, uninterrupted motion of my left hand sweeps the casing from the holding brick to the drill – the slot-machine action of my right hand seats the wad. I am lulled by the slight crunching sound of compressing powder. The waft of spent gunpowder and Hoppers #9 are aromatherapy to my senses.

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Trail Log: 11-13-2016

  • Trail: Moore’s Hollow Rd.
  • Trail Miles: 7.29
  • Ave.MPH:3.3
  • Max Mph:9.5
  • Riders: Self, Rob
  • Horses: Jack and Payette
  • Dogs: Hank


Trail Log: 11-12-16

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail – Midvale entry
  • Miles: 7.88
  • Ave MPH: 3.3
  • Max MPH: 11.7
  • Riders: Self
  • Horses: Jack, J’Lo
  • Dogs: Hank

Note: Shade is recovering from knee surgery so won’t be joining us on the trail for 60 days. She is sorely missed but expect her to hit the trail again in full recovery.





Trail Log: 11-6-2016


  • Trail Miles: 7.41
  • Ave Speed: 3.3
  • Max Speed: 7.41
  • Riders: Self – Nancy S. Janine, Cindy, Linda and Mildred
  • Horses: Jack, J’Lo, Kiger, Bubba, Kiss, Princess, Profit
  • No dogs: Shade tore her CCL and has to have surgery on Wednesday. Very sad. 🙁


Trail Log: 10-22-2016


  • Trail: Antelope Rd. Succor Creek
  • Miles: 5.56
  • Riders: Self
  • Horses: Jack and J’Lo
  • Dogs: Hank and Shade




Trail Log: 10-16-2016








  • Trail: Cornucopia Grade – Halfway Oregon
  • Miles: 7.0
  • Riders: Self – Patty F. Jessica P. Audrey P.
  • Horses: Jack, J’Lo, Onix, Blaze and Wendy
  • Dogs: Shade and Hank