Trail Log: 2-16th, 17th – 2018


  • Trail: Twin Springs
  • Miles: 10.01
  • Ave mph: 3.7
  • Max mph: 13 mph
  • Riders: Self – Blake – Ralph
  • Horses: Jack – J’Lo – Rosie – Captain
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank – Gee

Notes: Combining the weekend into one trail log.  It’s all of a sudden decided to be winter around here. The wind chill makes riding a bit invigorating. We bundled up and made due

2-16-2018:   The 16th – Blake and I hauled in to Twin Springs and rode toward Freezeout. True to it’s name – we got froze out and headed back to camp. Blake built a fire with the flint and steel on his survival bracelet and we split the cherry cheesecake I made us for our birthdays. Blake was super hungry – so he tossed a can of Beanee Weenees on the open fire. Unfortunately they exploded. He failed to pop the top on the can. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.


2-17-2018: It’s tradition – I have to ride on my birthday regardless of the weather. It wasn’t terribly cold but the wind was blowing hard enough you couldn’t hear yourself talk. Ralph and I hauled toward Twins Springs. I wanted to show Ralph the area and he wanted to get a few rides in before knee surgery. We lasted longer than Blake and I the day before at a  short 7 miles. We met a rancher out gathering strays. He made the comment: “Aren’t we glad it’s not 30° in this wind?” It is good to remember it can always be worse.



Trail Log: 2-4-2018

  • Trail: Succor Creek – Power line loop – alternative
  • Miles: 6.94
  • Ave mph: 2.9
  • Max mph: 8.3
  • Riders: Self – Karen K.
  • Horses: Jack – Jane
  • Dogs: Shade and Hank

Notes: 63° – in February. Wow. Everybody and their dogs were out – literally….some sort of hunting dog training going on. One group was training dogs on sheep. Interesting.

Karen and I headed out Succor Creek. Karen had never been there. She’s riding a new horse, “Jane”. She didn’t know what to expect from her. She was told she was good on the trail but that was about all she knew. Aside from getting a little excited at the water crossings – she did flawless. I don’t think she’d ever been through a water crossing and this route has a lot of them and they are not the easiest. With a little encouragement at the first two – she followed Jack through the rest of them calmly. She will make a nice trail horse and hopefully a shooting prospect down the road.

We cut it a little short as to end on a good note with a new horse and make it back to the trailers safe and sound. We didn’t get lost and nobody got bucked off. That’s success in my book.

Trail Log: 2-2-2018


  • Trail: Exit 201 to Loves Reservoir
  • Mile: 12.19
  • Ave mph: 3.1
  • Max mph: 7.1
  • Riders: Self – Ralph T
  • Horses: J’Lo  – Rosie the Mule
  • Dogs: Left the dogs at home. They both got skunked. *pew*

Notes: it was a muddier than we expected. Not terrible and certainly not enough to keep it from being a nice ride – but muddy none-the-less.

We rode from the freeway exit to Loves Reservoir. The res has very little water. Not surprising with the lack of snow in the low hills this year.

Ralph and I joke about each having one good “get on” per ride. Meaning we can get on our horses without too much trouble one time per ride. There are quite a few gates on this route. I opened gates on the way in – Ralph opened them on the way out.  A feat we would both brag about for years to come. Fortunately I rode J’Lo, who’s considerably closer to the ground than Jack.

We had a confrontation with a wire gate that could have been a heck of a wreck had Rosie not been an awesome mule. I got off to open a dilapidated barbed wire gate. Ralph led J’Lo through on Rosie. Rosie is a little afraid of J’Lo – she stepped sideways to keep her distance and stepped into the barbed wire gate. She stood perfectly still until Ralph and I positioned the wires so she could step on through without getting tangled. A good mule like Rosie is worth her weight in gold.