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Trail log: 4-21-2018

IMO teams and new riders enjoying “chili” after the race.
  • Trail: IMO ride – Coyote Gulch
  • Miles: 8.47
  • Ave MPH: 3.1
  • Riders: Circle 4 team (Self, Jones, Dusty and Karen)
  • Horses: Jack, Honor, Rooster and Jane

Notes: First IMO of the year and a training ride. Karen joined the circle four team.  I found 3 markers without using bearing points. I may not be great at reading a map – but I do know the gal that set the plates and how she thinks. 🙂 Karen and Jane did super for their first IMO.

I can’t easily take pictures during the race so all we get is what we take back at camp.

Jack and Jane cooling off after the race. I love my horse.


Trail Log: 4-20-2018

Karen (aka Louise) and Annie
  • Trail: Steck Park
  • Miles: 6.97
  • Riders: Self – Karen
  • Horses: J’Lo and Annie
  • Dogs: Shade and Hank


Notes: We took our shooting horses out of the arena for a ride in the desert. J’Lo’s comfortable on the trail but Annie, karen’s horse – is not. Regardless – they both overcame their anxiety and made it back to the trailers unscathed. We found one geocache and set one. Which reminds me – I need to log them. :)Fun day with a good friend.


Trail Log: 4-14-2018

  • Trail: Steck Park – Boat dock to secluded cove
  • Miles: 4.83
  • Riders: Self
  • Horses: Jack and J’Lo
  • Dogs: Hank and Shade

Notes: We celebrated Shade’s 10th birthday by going for a ride along the river. Shade had tons of fun playing in the water/mud. She sure doesn’t look like a 10 year old dog. She has slowed down some (haven’t we all) – but still romps around like a puppy sometimes.

We didn’t go too far. I like to put on at least 10 miles on a ride but the terrain here is pretty steep so I feel it makes up for the shorter distance. I needed to get back and work on my water line.  I completely tore out the old and put in new lines to the house and a separate line for the stock and sprinklers. A section of the sprinkler pipe got tore up in the excavation. I’ve got everything back in place and am ready to re-seed the lawn. It will be  nice when it’s done for sure. In the meantime – every muscle in my body feels the effects of being on the business end of a digging bar for two weeks.

I got a lot accomplished in one day and spending my break with my critters topped it off the best way possible.

Trail Log: 3-28-2018

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail
  • Miles: 8.15
  • Ave. mph: 3.7
  • Max mph: 15.2
  • Riders: Self
  • Horses: Jack and J
  • Dogs: Hank and Shade

Notes: Another exercise run up the trail before my shoot this weekend. Sometimes my horses are like irritating siblings compelled to annoy each other. When we pick up speed they can’t help but pick at each other. I guess it’s all in fun but geesh – they about push each other off the trail or into a giant gopher hole.

Hank found him what I think was a muskrat. Horrid looking thing! He ate it! I made him leave it and thought it was all good…then looked back and he went back for it. When he caught up with me all that was hanging out of his mouth was the tail. *shudder* – he slurped it down like a spaghetti noodle.  I about lost my lunch off the side of my horse. Yuck…ick. *shudder*

Trail Log: 3-23-2018

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail – Presley to 2nd Green gate
  • Miles: 8.97
  • Ave mph: 3.7
  • Max mph: 14.7
  • Riders: Self
  • Horses: Jack and J’Lo
  • Dogs: Shade and Hank

Notes:  The herd/pack and I hit the trail between storms for some exercise. We saw a nice big doe, pheasants and lot’s of water fowl as usual. Hank spotted a rock chuck a good 1/4 mile away and run it down. He sparred with it for a while. I was beginning to think the vermin was going to get the best of him. Shade went to his aid, grabbed the rodent from him and snapped it’s neck. She dropped it at his feet and walked off like: “Amateur.” Hank proudly brought it to me. He looked a bit dejected when I wouldn’t let him bring it back to the truck with us.

Trail Log: 3-10-2018

(L-R) – Shelly – Janine – Lisa – Janelle
  • Trail: Succor Creek West Power Line
  • Miles: 10.99
  • Ave mph: 3.1
  • Max mph: 10.4
  • Riders: Self – Janine – Lisa – Shelly – Janelle
  • Horses: Jack – J’Lo – Kiger (6 others)
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank – Mouse

Notes: A group of girls from the Squaw Butte Back Country Horseman met at the Power Lines on Succor Creek road for an early spring ride. Five gals and 9 horses set out. Janine and I turned back at the top of the ridge when Shade said she had enough. There is no water in this area for her to cool off. She can go all day with water – without it – I don’t take her more than a few miles. I carry water for the dogs but she needs to be able to get in and cool off. It gets hot fast in that open country. Back at the trailers – we milled around and I took the dogs, with Janine’s puppy “Chaps” for a little hike. Later, I saddled up J’Lo and headed back up the trail to meet the rest of the group coming back. They reported they made it almost to the river before turning back at the tower.

Janine absconding with my horses as I get the gate.

Trail Log: 3-7-2018

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail – Presley to Big Trestle
  • Miles: 14.28
  • Ave mph: 3.8
  • Max mph: 11.6
  • Riders: Self – Patty D.
  • Horses: Jack – Larkey
  • Dogs: Hank and Shade


The trail was teeming with wildlife as usual. Patty pointed out the merganser duck. A white bodied duck with an iridescent green/black head and black wing-tips. Basically, a magpie with webbed feet. To me there are two kinds of ducks. Girl ducks and boy ducks. It’s nice having someone along that has knowledge of such things.

2 or 3 years ago I left a Beanee Weenee can for Patty to find on the underside of  Big Trestle bridge. Last year we went back to look for it. We scoured around under the bridge without finding bean nor weenee. Assuming it fell off the bridge or got eaten by a hungry hobo- we gave up on it. Fast forward one year..

Arriving at Big Trestle, Patty dismounted  to look for the BW can one more time.  We were betting on it being a  lost cause but we were here – might as well check it out.  Patty rummaged around like a hobo under the bridge a few seconds before hitting pay-dirt.  There lay the  three year old can of Beanee Weenee’s.  The torn and tattered label of skin hanging precariously to it’s aluminum body; seal intact. Man – those things could make it through the Zombie apocalypse no problem.

Trail log: 3-4-2018

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail. Presley Bridge to 2nd gate mm 14
  • Miles: 8.29
  • Ave mph: 3.2
  • Max mph: 11.6
  • Riders: Self
  • Horses: Jack and J’Lo
  • Dogs: Shade and Hank

Notes: The wind finally stopped blowing long enough to get a ride in.  It turned out to be a beautiful day when it wasn’t raining, snowing or hailing – all of which it did before the day was over. In between time – the sun was bright and the sky blue..or part of it.

We saw a lot of wildlife on the trail as usually – hundreds of geese (hope that’s a sign of spring around the corner) – ducks, rock chuck  – pheasant and a coyote Hank tried to run down. Fortunately for Hank he didn’t succeed.

I noticed all of my dogs and horses have put on a little extra winter weight. Figuring the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I dismounted and hiked the last two miles to the gate before swapping horses and heading back.

I got the horses and dogs loaded and slipped behind the wheel a split second before the first pelt of hail bounced across the hood of my truck.

Trail Log: 2-16th, 17th – 2018


  • Trail: Twin Springs
  • Miles: 10.01
  • Ave mph: 3.7
  • Max mph: 13 mph
  • Riders: Self – Blake – Ralph
  • Horses: Jack – J’Lo – Rosie – Captain
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank – Gee

Notes: Combining the weekend into one trail log.  It’s all of a sudden decided to be winter around here. The wind chill makes riding a bit invigorating. We bundled up and made due

2-16-2018:   The 16th – Blake and I hauled in to Twin Springs and rode toward Freezeout. True to it’s name – we got froze out and headed back to camp. Blake built a fire with the flint and steel on his survival bracelet and we split the cherry cheesecake I made us for our birthdays. Blake was super hungry – so he tossed a can of Beanee Weenees on the open fire. Unfortunately they exploded. He failed to pop the top on the can. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.


2-17-2018: It’s tradition – I have to ride on my birthday regardless of the weather. It wasn’t terribly cold but the wind was blowing hard enough you couldn’t hear yourself talk. Ralph and I hauled toward Twins Springs. I wanted to show Ralph the area and he wanted to get a few rides in before knee surgery. We lasted longer than Blake and I the day before at a  short 7 miles. We met a rancher out gathering strays. He made the comment: “Aren’t we glad it’s not 30° in this wind?” It is good to remember it can always be worse.



Trail Log: 2-4-2018

  • Trail: Succor Creek – Power line loop – alternative
  • Miles: 6.94
  • Ave mph: 2.9
  • Max mph: 8.3
  • Riders: Self – Karen K.
  • Horses: Jack – Jane
  • Dogs: Shade and Hank

Notes: 63° – in February. Wow. Everybody and their dogs were out – literally….some sort of hunting dog training going on. One group was training dogs on sheep. Interesting.

Karen and I headed out Succor Creek. Karen had never been there. She’s riding a new horse, “Jane”. She didn’t know what to expect from her. She was told she was good on the trail but that was about all she knew. Aside from getting a little excited at the water crossings – she did flawless. I don’t think she’d ever been through a water crossing and this route has a lot of them and they are not the easiest. With a little encouragement at the first two – she followed Jack through the rest of them calmly. She will make a nice trail horse and hopefully a shooting prospect down the road.

We cut it a little short as to end on a good note with a new horse and make it back to the trailers safe and sound. We didn’t get lost and nobody got bucked off. That’s success in my book.