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To log hiking miles.

Hiking Log: 11-12-2017

  • Trail: Succor Creek – Sage Creek to “The Twin P’s”
  • Miles: 2.07
  • 1.4 mph ave.
  • 2.9 mph max
  • Hikers: Self
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank

Notes: Unable to ride due to Jack being injured – we went on a hike above camp. Hiked up to and above “The Twin P’s. Saw a ton of chuckar – brought back memories of hunting up there when Spud was alive. Great hike – beautiful weekend just being a hermit.

Hiking Log: 11-11-2017

I’ve added a new category to log hiking miles in hopes it will encourage me to get out of the saddle and hike more. Before I started riding, I hiked a lot. I want to get back into shape before it’s too late.

  • Trail: Succor Creek – Sage Creek camp ground to “Gargoyle Rock”
  • Miles: 2.37
  • 1.8 mph ave.
  • 3.0 mph max.
  • Hikers: Self
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank

Notes: First entry in my “Hiking log” category. The dogs and I hiked up to a peak I now call “Gargoyle Rock.” The day after our hike I was glassing the area with my super-duper bino’s my dad got me and saw this HUGE creature on top the peak over a mile away. it was HUGE. I first thought it was a cougar – then maybe a large coyote – finally it moved enough it appeared to be a large bird (Eagle or turkey vulture). I have a good zoom on my camera. Snapped a shot of it and blew it up on my computer when I got home. Could be a large bald eagle-although it’s head, from what I could see – wasn’t white. A turkey vulture is big – but not that big according to Google. It was a good 3′ tall sitting up there. I’ve determined it was a gargoyle.