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Trail Log: 7-14-2018

  • Trail: Sturgill Lookout – via Benton Saddle
  • Miles: 11.2
  • Ave mph: 2.7
  • Max mph: 11.2
  • Riders: Self – Dusty – Ralph – Lee – Cynthia – Becky – Sonny
  • Horses: J’Lo – Honor – Rosie the Mule and others
  • Dogs: No dogs – too hot

Notes: Another great  “Lee Ride.” We all met at Mann Creek by 9:00 AM. We bush-whacked across country (straight up) for several miles before connecting with a trail that took us up Benton Creek to Benton Saddle and on over to Sturgill Lookout. Some of the prettiest country I’ve seen in this area. At one point you can see both Halfway and Richland from the same vista. Gorgeous. Jack threw a shoe so I rode J’Lo. It was pretty intense for an arena pony but she did well. Maybe she will appreciate being a shooting horse after climbing straight up 4k feet.

Trail Log: 6-24-2018

  • Trail: Stacy Creek
  • Miles: 11.90
  • Ave mph: 3.7
  • Max mph: 11.5
  • Riders: Circle Four Team ~ “The Renegades” (minus Lee) and “The Shade Hunters”
  • Horses: Jack – J’Lo – Jane (the other teams horses.)

Notes: Post IMO ride up Stacy Creek to pick up the markers and props. Dusty to pick up the Adams Creek side on four wheeler. A few members from two other teams camped over and rode with us as well.

Trail Log: 6-23-2018

  • Trail: Stacy Creek
  • Miles: 4
  • Max mph: 15
  • Riders: Self
  • Horses: J’Lo

Notes:  One of the IMO teams was late getting back to camp. Dusty took the four wheeler and I took J’Lo to go find them. I met Dusty and Christine a few miles before the Stacy Crk. trail shoots off when Karen text me that the team had checked in and was OK.

Trail Log: 6-22-2018

Circle Four members: Karen – Dusty – Jones – Me
  • Trail: Stacy Creek –  Pre- IMO
  • Miles: 11.90
  • Ave mph: 3.0
  • Max mph: 16.3
  • Riders: Self – Karen
  • Horses: Jack, J’Lo and Jane
  • Dogs: Hank – Shade stayed in camp


Notes: Circle Four put on our first IMO ride since I’ve been a member. Karen and I rode the Stacy Creek portion of the loop to check on markers #2 and #3. This is going to be a challenging IMO but well worth it. Beautiful trail



Trail Log: 6-12-2018

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail
  • Miles: 5.03
  • Ave MPH: 3.0
  • Riders: Self
  • Horses: Jack and J’Lo
  • Dogs: Shade and Hank

Notes: Just a quick after-work ride to get the horses and dogs some exercise.  Didn’t go far – mostly because I was hungry and preoccupied with the spaghetti back home in the fridge.



Trail Log: 6-8-2018

  • Trail: Stacy Creek Trail #281
  • Miles: 5.40
  • Ave mph: 2.5
  • Riders: Self – Janine
  • Horses: J’Lo – Kiger – Bubba the mule
  • Dogs: Shade, Hank and Chaps


Notes: A downed tree on Stacy Creek needed removed before our IMO the end of the month. I made a call to fellow Back Country Horsewoman Janine T.  for help extracting said tree.

The tree wasn’t far up the trail from the trail head where Stacy Creek pours in to Mann Creek – also called: Deadhorse Gulch. *yikes*

We packed my saw and the rest of our gear on Bubba the mule and headed up stream. There are several challenging obstacles on this section of trail. The first and most difficult is getting across Mann Creek onto the Stacy Creek trail. Horses must navigate a 3-4 ft. rocky waterfall ledge.

Janine’s young dog, Chaps, had yet to make a creek crossing. The current is too strong for her to safely cross Mann Creek so I went back across and carried her over on J’Lo.  J didn’t mind at all and Chaps acted like she owned the horse.

We cleared the tree without incident. It felt good to be clearing trail.


Before: Janine making the undercut
After: Mission accomplished


Trail Log: 6-6-2018





  • Trail: Adams Creek ~ Stacy Creek
  • Miles: 19
  • Ave mph: 2.6
  • Max mph: 14.1
  • Riders: Self – Jones and Dusty
  • Horses: Jack – Zeke – Rooster
  • Dogs: Hank – Shade stayed in camp – too far

Notes: We checked coordinates and set some of the plates for our IMO ride the end of this month. The loop turned out to be longer than first estimated. Most of the IMO teams will appreciate the longer ride. I know I would. It should be a really fun ride for the teams.

We had to clear some low hanging trees across Stacy Creek and there is one downed tree I will go back and cut off the trail. It is doable – but would be better/safer for the riders to remove it. The trail has a few technical spots but nothing out of the ordinary for IMO’ers.

Trail Log: 6-3-2018

  • Trail: Danskin Mnt. – Post Lone Pine IMO
  • Miles: 3.25
  • Max mph: 13.3
  • Riders: Self – Karen
  • Horses: J’Lo – Annie
  • Dogs: Hank

Notes: Karen and I saddled up our shooting horses for a post IMO Sunday ride. Candy (ride manager) filled us in on the local history and tried to clarify the private/public boundary’s. Not easy to decipher…the private land intertwines sporadically through public domain and has changed often. We did our best and figured all they could do is yell at us. We rode over to an old schoolhouse  foundation and pondered what it must have been like to attend school 50 miles from anywhere out in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t have to ponder much – that was pretty much my childhood.

Karen’s horse, Annie, is getting more comfortable outside the arena with every ride.


Trail Log: 6-2-2018

Karen – Dusty – Jones
  • Trail: IMO – (Lone Pine IMO)  Danskin – Mt. Home area
  • Miles: 11.82
  • Ave mph: 3.9
  • Max mph: 15.4
  • Riders: Circle Four
  • Horses: Jack – Jane – Zeke – Honor

Notes: IMO put on by The Die Hards 1 &2 north of Mountain Home off Danskin Mountain. Actually…on Danskin – which is really…really steep. Fortunately camp was only half way up the steep grade.  My Trans Temp light came on moments before pulling off.

Karen and I arrived early Friday morning and set up camp on top the knoll. It was a bit breezy on and off but calmed down to almost perfect weather for the IMO ride.

Circle Four brought home 5th. place, finding all five markers in 3  hours – 11 minutes and 45 seconds. Our personal best this year.

The only down side to not getting lost is you don’t get to ride as many miles. We tracked the course in 11.8 miles.


Trail Log: 5-25-2018

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail
  • Miles: 6.65
  • Ave mph: 3.1
  • Max mph: 17.0
  • Riders: Self
  • Horses: Jack
  • Dogs: Shade and Hank


Notes: When I first found Jack, we rode all over the place alone. Just him, me and Shade. Later on, another  horse or mule was added to the herd and went along…usually as a tow. With the addition of J’Lo – I’m either riding Jack and towing J or vise-versa. Saturday, I decided to saddle up Jack and head out with just him, me and the dogs. It was a good opportunity to get the dogs out where they can get to water whenever they want and spend some quality time with my pony.  Jack has never been herd or barn sour – probably because we have ridden alone so much.  J’Lo is a great little horse – but I’d rather ride Jack any day of the week. He’s about as solid as they get…especially when your being chased by renegade Indians or, as in the case of this weekend…the post apocalyptic Immortan known as the infamous : Toecutter.  Your evil warlord ways are no match for the mighty steed: Sir Dee Jack.  However,  the little orange “Official Friends of the Weiser River Trail vehicle”  flag kind of ruined the whole “Mad Max” thing you had going on.