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A log of miles spent on horseback on the trail.

Trail Log: 9-11-2016


  • Trail: Cuddy Mountain – E. Pine Crk. Trail
  • Miles: 6.35 (straight up – straight down)
  • Riders: Self – Janine – Nancy – Rob – David
  • Horses: Jack – Kiger – Kiss – Payette – Babe the molly mule


Trail Log: 9-10-2016

  • Trail: Cowboy Campground – Idaho City
  • Miles: 6.65
  • Top Speed: 13.6
  • Riders: Self – Janine  – Linda – Nancy
  • Horses: J’Lo – Kiger – Kiss – Profit

Note: ABHA Poker ride. I got third highest hand with 3 10’s and won a show halter.


Trail Log: 9-9-2016

  • Trail: Emmett Cycle Park
  • Miles: 2.25
  • Riders: Self and Janine
  • Horses: Jack – J’Lo – Kiger

Note: Cut the ride short – gravel road – didn’t drive far enough to hit the actual trails.

Trail Log: 9-3-2016





  • Trail: Deer Butte – Owyhee Desert – Lee Ride
  • Miles: 10.18
  • Ave MPH: 3.1
  • Max Speed: 14.9
  • Horses: Jack and J’Lo and others
  • Riders: Self – Teri M.  – Angel L. – Lee – Sunny – Becky – Cindy – Jeff – Laurel


Trail Log: 8-8-2016









  • Trail: Continental Divide – West Yellowstone Montana
  • Total Miles: 12.2
  • Ave speed: 3.0
  • Max speed: 10.9
  • Horse: J’Lo

Trail Log: 7-17-2016





  • Trail: Weiser River Trail – constructed from the old RR track extending from Weiser to New Meadows.
  • Miles: 9.81
  • Ave MPH: 3.1
  • Max Speed: 13.6
  • Moving Time: 3:10
  • Riders: Self – Karen Kelley
  • Horses: Jack, J’Lo and Annie
  • Dogs: Shade and Hank

Notes: According to Google – The Pacific and Idaho Northern RR was constructed from Weiser to Cambridge in 1899. It took them until 1911 to get it through to New Meadows.


Trail Log: 7-1-2016 to 7-4-2016


  • Trails:
  1. The loop: 3 miles
  2. Pine Lakes: 17.5 miles
  3. Fish Lake : 5.5 miles
  • Trail Miles: 26 miles
  • Riders: Jim Mason – myself to  Pine Lakes and Fish Lake. Blake and Olivia around the loop.
  • Horses: Jack, J’Lo and Bling. Gypsy
  • Dogs: Hank, Shade and Remi



Trail Log: 6-17-2016

  • Trail: Halfway – Above Mayo’s and Richland – Huntington Grade
  • Trail Miles: 24 miles
  • Horses: Jack and J’Lo – Tuesday, Gypsy, Captain and Punk
  • Riders: Mom – Blake – Olivia – Malachi
  • Dogs: Shade, Hank and Remi


Trail Log – 6-2-2016

  • Trail: Hill City – Mule SAR
  • Trail Miles: 8 miles (approx.)
  • Horses: Jack
  • Riders: Linda, Mildred, the mule owner and myself

A couple of mules went MIA above Hill City. Linda, Mildred and myself saddled up to help the owner of the  mules search for them. We did not find them that trip but the mules were found the following week.




Trail Log: 5-21-2016


  • Trail: Vale Poker Ride Road
  • Miles: 3.36
  • Riders: Self – Blake Sappe’
  • Horses: J’Lo – Jack – Gypsy
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank – Remi


There are more conducive days to ride a horse outside the round pen for the first time than in the middle of a storm. When Blake said he was going to do it, I figured somebody had better be there in the event things went south.

Just after he climbed aboard I heard him say: “I think she’s gonna be a runner, mom.” He pegged that one right. I’d no more than climbed into the saddle and grabbed J’Lo’s lead rope when I heard the sound of rapidly pounding hooves thundering off into the horizon. From my view point, it looked like she was not only a runner, but a pretty fast runner at that!

With J’Lo in tow – Jack and I met Blake and “Gypsy” coming back at a nice, relaxed pace. Gypsy got it out of her system and was a gem the rest of the ride; wind, rain and spooky, horse eating trash scattered around the old Vale dump to boot.

We managed to get back just before the big storm hit no worse for wear. We stopped in Vale for a bite to eat before heading home. All in all – a halfway decent day to ride.