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Trail Log: 10-17-2017

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail
  • Miles: 8.96
  • Ave mph: 9.4
  • Max Speed: 16.0 mpg
  • Riders: Self – Blake
  • Horses: Jack – J’Lo – Belle Starr
  • Dogs: Hank and Remmi – Shade stayed at the trailer and went for a shorter ride.

Trail Log: 10-7-2017 to 10-8-2017

  • Trail: Succor Creek – Power Line Loop
  • Miles: 25
  • Riders: Self – Ralph – Henry – Erica – Matt – Timmy
  • Horses: Jack – J’Lo – Rosie – Liza – Scarlet – Nevada – Joe
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank – Gee – Sage

Notes: Combining two days in to one log. My intent was to spend the first few days of my vacation getting my inner hermit on.  Things changed when I lost my GPS the first day.  Spent four days searching for it. It should not be that hard to spot so we assume somebody picked it up right away. There was a lot of traffic out there with hunting season and all. I have a hard time letting go,  apparently. If it weren’t for needing to come back and get my place ready for my annual play-day, I’d still be out looking. I went back on horseback – foot and four-wheeler. It’s just not out there.

Trail Log: 9-30-2017

  • Trail: IMO – Poison Creek – Owyhee Desert
  • Miles: 15.81
  • Ave mph: 3.9
  • Max mph: 14.6
  • Riders: Self – Jones – Dusty (Circle 4 Team)
  • Horses: Jack – Honor – Zeke
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank – Dealer – Savannah – Stayed in camp

Notes:  Last IMO ride of the year. The weather started out a little turbulent – some rain, hail and some say a little snow but we missed the snow part. By the end of the ride the weather was beautiful. We ran the course backwards – not entirely intentional to begin with – missed marker #2 and bypassed #5 before we realized we were headed to #4. When we realized what we did we went with it – picked up #3 – back to #2 and ended with #5. Found all our markers in 4 hours and 37 minutes. Dusty is recovering from open heart surgery and I’m still learning to read a topo map. By next year – we should be the team to beat!

Trail Log: 9-24-2017

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail – Presley to Train Landing beyond Big Trestle
  • Miles: 16.24
  • Ave mph: 3.4
  • Max mph: 12.1
  • Riders: Self – Patty D.
  • Horses: Jack and Swindler
  • Dogs: No dogs – too far and too fast

Notes: Long trotted to Big Trestle in search of Beanee Weenee can I left there two years ago. Alas – it was gone. I’m thinking a hungry hobo ate it. Saw a lot of Canadian geese and discovered they cross breed with Snow geese and domestic geese creating a cool looking hybrid. Learn something new every day. Oh – and killed one rattle snake. It was striking at my horse but wasn’t buzzing as a warning. Kind of weird. It wasn’t big enough for my saddle so buried it’s head and gave it a proper funeral.


Patty looking for the BW can

Trail Log: 9-16-2017

  • Trail: Moore’s Hollow
  • Miles: 7.65
  • Ave mph: 3.2
  • Max mph: 9.7
  • Riders: Self – Ralph
  • Horses: Jack – J’Lo – Rosie the mule
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank – Sage

Notes: Starting to cool down so riding in the desert is pleasant. Turned into a fairly short ride – not enough water or shade for the dogs. I could tell Shade had enough and wanted to go back so we turned around early. Still a nice ride.

Trail Log: 9-1-2017

  • Trail: Indian Head Mountain
  • Miles: 8.65
  • Ave mph: 3.0
  • Riders: Self  – Ralph
  • Horses: J’Lo – Rosie (mule)
  • Dogs: Hank – Shade

Notes: Indian head is a mere skip and a jump. I don’t know why I don’t ride up there more often. My friends Sharon and Ralph ride up there quite a bit. Since Sharon’s accident she hasn’t been riding. Ralph has been wanting to get out and ride so he took me along. Carried water for the dog since I wasn’t sure about the water situation. We came across several springs. Most of it is on private land but a nice place to ride when You don’t want to haul.

This mamma longhorn was trying to be inconspicuous. It didn’t work.

Trail Log: 8-26-2017 to 8-27-2017


  • Trail: Sawtooth Wilderness – Stanley Lake Trail – Iron Creek Trail
  • Total miles: 26.9
  • Ave MPH: 2.8
  • Elevation: 8530
  • Riders: Self – Rob – Janine – Shelley – Lisa – Jan
  • Horses: Jack – Kiger – Bubba – Payette – Moose – Misteena – Tucker – Lilly – Boo – Sierra – Azteka gelding (name unknown) Jan’s horse (name unknown)
  • Dogs: Shade and Hank – stayed in camp

Notes: SBBCH provided pack support for a wilderness trail crew working  trails in the Sawtooth wilderness. I was a last minute addition and went up for the first part of the project. Packed in Saturday – had to turn around due to bad trail and try another trail the next day. Two of the riders (Jon and Terry) headed back  home Saturday evening leaving Rob and 5 women.  Sunday we went up via Iron Creek TH and made it to the rendezvous site at the greater Sawtooth Lake, elevation 8530. Likely the most wickedly technical trails I’ve ridden. Absolutely gorgeous. My only regret is I couldn’t stay the entire week and help pack them out.

Link to pictures: Click here for link to pictures on Picasa


Trail Log: 8-20-2017

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail
  • Miles: 5.41
  • Ave. MPH: 2.7
  • Max speed: 6.9
  • Riders: Self – Dillon – Vanessa
  • Horses: Jack and J’Lo
  • Dogs: Hand and Shade

Notes: The kids came over for the eclipse. Dillon wanted to hike and take pictures – Vanessa wanted to ride. Ness and I rode while Dillon hiked. I chose the WRT. It’s picturesque and relatively safe for inexperienced riders. It was the day before the eclipse. Tents were filling up the trail-head and folks were driving on the actual trail. I don’t think they saw the non-motorized signs…


Trail Log: 8-18-2017


  • Trail: Steck Park – Boat dock to Crazy Lady Creek
  • Miles: 6.10
  • Ave.  mph: 2.7
  • Max mph: 3.4
  • Riders: Self
  • Horses: Jack and J’Lo
  • Dogs: Shade and Hank

Notes: Rode up to Steck Park for a pre-eclipse recon. I figured it would be full up by now but it was not. They have made preparations for the influx of people; lines of Porti-Pots – garbage cans and fire ban posters every few hundred yards….just no people. I saw a few camps on the other side of the river (Oregon side). I assume the masses of “eclipsicators” will be pouring in later through the weekend.

Trail Log: 8-15-2017

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail
  • Miles: 6.55
  • Ave. Speed: 3.4 mph
  • Max speed: 13 mph
  • Riders: Self
  • Horses: Jack and J’Lo
  • Dogs: Shade and Hank

Notes: Took the dogs for a quick ride on the WRT after work. It felt good to ride Jack after getting him back from my son while J’Lo and I were shooting in Montana. Finally cooled off the last few evenings and made for a comfortable ride. We saw a fox and two bald eagles. Turned dark about 9:30 PM – not ready for the days to get shorter again. Can’t wait to retire and life no longer revolves around work.