Trail Log: 6-8-2018

  • Trail: Stacy Creek Trail #281
  • Miles: 5.40
  • Ave mph: 2.5
  • Riders: Self – Janine
  • Horses: J’Lo – Kiger – Bubba the mule
  • Dogs: Shade, Hank and Chaps


Notes: A downed tree on Stacy Creek needed removed before our IMO the end of the month. I made a call to fellow Back Country Horsewoman Janine T.  for help extracting said tree.

The tree wasn’t far up the trail from the trail head where Stacy Creek pours in to Mann Creek – also called: Deadhorse Gulch. *yikes*

We packed my saw and the rest of our gear on Bubba the mule and headed up stream. There are several challenging obstacles on this section of trail. The first and most difficult is getting across Mann Creek onto the Stacy Creek trail. Horses must navigate a 3-4 ft. rocky waterfall ledge.

Janine’s young dog, Chaps, had yet to make a creek crossing. The current is too strong for her to safely cross Mann Creek so I went back across and carried her over on J’Lo.  J didn’t mind at all and Chaps acted like she owned the horse.

We cleared the tree without incident. It felt good to be clearing trail.


Before: Janine making the undercut
After: Mission accomplished