Trail Log: 7-21-2017 to 7-23-2017

  • Trail: IMO – Pine Creek – Sage Hen Reservoir (North of Ola)
  • Miles: 30.0
  • Riders: Circle Four Team – Self – Jones – Dusty
  • Horses: J’Lo – Zeke – Shooter
  • Dogs: Shade – Hank – Savannah – Dealer

Notes: An IMO ride north of Ola off FS Road 685. I’m combining all three days of riding. The actual IMO ride was 14.54 miles. We came in 5th place. We might have come in better but J’Lo was out in the back-end and could not lope without breaking into a buck/crow-hop. 🙁 Soo…we walked and trotted most of the way.  Hope she heals up before our Montana shoot. Poor girl – hate to see any critter in pain.