Trail Log: 9-1-2017

  • Trail: Indian Head Mountain
  • Miles: 8.65
  • Ave mph: 3.0
  • Riders: Self  – Ralph
  • Horses: J’Lo – Rosie (mule)
  • Dogs: Hank – Shade

Notes: Indian head is a mere skip and a jump. I don’t know why I don’t ride up there more often. My friends Sharon and Ralph ride up there quite a bit. Since Sharon’s accident she hasn’t been riding. Ralph has been wanting to get out and ride so he took me along. Carried water for the dog since I wasn’t sure about the water situation. We came across several springs. Most of it is on private land but a nice place to ride when You don’t want to haul.

This mamma longhorn was trying to be inconspicuous. It didn’t work.