Trail Log: 9-24-2017

  • Trail: Weiser River Trail – Presley to Train Landing beyond Big Trestle
  • Miles: 16.24
  • Ave mph: 3.4
  • Max mph: 12.1
  • Riders: Self – Patty D.
  • Horses: Jack and Swindler
  • Dogs: No dogs – too far and too fast

Notes: Long trotted to Big Trestle in search of Beanee Weenee can I left there two years ago. Alas – it was gone. I’m thinking a hungry hobo ate it. Saw a lot of Canadian geese and discovered they cross breed with Snow geese and domestic geese creating a cool looking hybrid. Learn something new every day. Oh – and killed one rattle snake. It was striking at my horse but wasn’t buzzing as a warning. Kind of weird. It wasn’t big enough for my saddle so buried it’s head and gave it a proper funeral.


Patty looking for the BW can